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The team at Planet Roof knows how essential a sound roof is to protect your home from harsh weather. We work with all top roofing materials manufacturers to build roofing system that protect homes better and last longer. Contact Planet Roof for a free inspection and work quotation if you have a roof in need of repair.

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What We Offer Homeowners

Quality Materials, Superior Craftsmanship and Better Service is What You Get From Planet Roof

  • Roof Inspection by Roofing Pros
  • Accurate Work Proposals
  • Roofing’s Best Quality Materials 
  • Passionate Work Crews
  • Years of Local Project Success
  • Hundreds of Happy Customers
  • Owens corning Lifetime Duration Shingles and materials
  • A Preferred Contractor Warranty backed by Owens Corning
  • Eco friendly Standing Seam Metal Roof Options
  • Drone Inspections for a bird’s eye view to keep people safe
  • Rooftop Solar Energy Options
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The Planet Roof Process

With a proven reputation for quality workmanship and value, Planet Roof is who you should turn to evaluate the condition of your roof system and it’s ability to protect your home. Here’s what you can expect:

What to Expect From The Planet Roof Team

Assessment of  The Roof Condition For The Homeowners

We inspect your roof to determine if it is in good shape or if it needs repaired or replaced to adequately protect your home. Our team will walk the property and inspect the roof with you to accurately identify issues that can impact the structural integrity of your home.  

Preparation of a Work Proposal and Cost Estimate For Consideration

Planet Roof is a honest and reputable contractor with headquarters in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. From the roof inspection and measurement report we will propose viable options and costs for the various solutions to address structural integrity issues, if any exist.

Planet Roof Provides Ethical Estimates (without fluff)

Planet Roof use accurate measurements, a clear understanding of the work and manpower requirements, and the best Roof Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers to provide customers with fair and accurate estimates for work. With Planet Roof’s work estimate you will know what the actual costs should be.

A dedicated Customer Service rep will be assigned to your project.

Interact with Your Dedicated Customer Service Rep

 The rep will visit your home to assess the work, run a Measurement report, prepare a work proposal and estimate, and manage the project. (zoom meetings are available upon request).

Your customer service rep will visit you to present options and showcase the Owens Corning roofing products so you can feel and see what will be installed to protect your roof (this is also available by zoom, if desired.)

The rep will provide a photo file complete with drone footage and before, during, and after progress photos of your project work. Through a link provided by your Customer Service rep, you will be able to access all photos using a smart phone or computer.

We Begin Your Work On-Time On Your Scheduled Project Date & Start Time

… Pittsburgh Weather Permitting that is.

The point is, our project teams are full of dedicated professionals that show up for work every day and work hard. They work diligently with a focus on quality craftsmanship until the job is completed and the grounds are cleaned up.  

We are committed to delivering quality for you  
Planet Roof is committed to providing you with a high-quality roof that will last decades. We use the roofing industry’s best quality materials and install them according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Planet Roof have been a part of the Pittsburgh area community for years… our customers are our neighbors too. We are always here for you when you need our help.

Signs That You Might Need Roof Maintenance or a New Roof:

Roof Wear Signs
Roof Wear Signs 2
  • The roof surface is warped 
  • Shingles are curling, cracking or missing
  • Shingles are losing their granular protective coat 
  • The roof is mold stained or discolored 
  • Nail heads exposed or lifting shingles
  • Moisture in your attic or on interior walls 
  • Pooling begins to happen near gutters 
  • Debris or plants growing on the roof or in gutters

8 Ways to prolong the life of your roof

Maintaining your roof can be tricky, but it is essential for the integrity of your home. Planet Roof Contracting has some helpful tips to keep you safe and sound with regular care.

Pests can cause severe damage to our homes, so ensuring the problems are gone. Keeping tree branches and bushes away from your Roof will help keep these critters out.

The best way to ensure clean gutters is by making sure they haven’t been clogged up with leaves and other debris. When the rainwater cannot quickly run away from your house, it pools onto one area, leading to severe problems for you and your home.

Limbs and branches knocked loose during a storm can cause immediate damage to your Roof, providing easy access for animals. Clear away threatening leaves or any other debris that may have been blown off the tree onto your property so they don’t pile up around an entry point into the home.

Hot weather can take a toll on your Roof. Excessive temperatures can cause shingles to shrink or crack. Intense tropical storms and wind can rip off shingles altogether. Inspect your roof to ensure no shingles are missing or damaged.

If you see mold or moss while inspecting, it could be a sign of leaks in your home. Algae thrive on moisture and can quickly spread through the air to some unfortunate homeowners’ homes.

If you’re inspecting your roof for any damage, make sure that the ceilings in the attic are also checked. Moisture or water can cause significant problems with ceiling paint and finishes.

A poorly insulated roof can cause a home to lose up to one-quarter of its heat. Insulating your attic or Roof will help save you energy while keeping the house comfortable and protected for more than 40 years.

If you notice any of the signs above but aren’t sure how to fix them, contact Panet Roof. They will give an expert inspection and provide helpful guidance for your home’s exterior needs.

The Most Common Roof Problems

You want to avoid costly problems in the future, like leaks and water damages. Hire professionals with experience! They’ll be able to fix any issue you might have while making sure everything’s up-to-code so your home stays safe from damage.

Our roofs are one of the most vulnerable parts of our homes, which is why it’s essential to make sure they’re well maintained. It could save you from having costly repairs or, worse yet-a a damaged roof!

If you have untreated roof leaks, they can cause expensive damages and structural problems if left for too long. Signs of water damage or leak are usually seen near your chimney, around the flashing where there are cracks in it from rocks coming through the surface.

Standing water is an indication that your Roof may be sinking. If you notice standing puddles around the house, this could be due to a few different things like missing shingles or tiles. Still, more often than not, it’s because one area on the flat surface has sunken lower than others and created extra spaces under them where rainwater can accumulate into pools.

Shingles can be damaged from heavy storms, debris, or even the passing of time. While your roof might not seem like it is a pressing matter at first glance, exposure to sunlight and water will accelerate its deterioration, leaving you exposed to more risks for costly repair bills later down the line.

If you want a successful installation, ensure that your flashing is properly attached and secured. Otherwise, the seams will prevent water from going where it needs to go, or any protruding structure on top of roofs could cause problems.

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s roof, but they can become clogged if not cared for. When gutters don’t have enough room to hold all the rainwater backlogged up inside them, leaks or rot may occur, which could cause structural damage

A roof is the first line of defense against nature, and as such, it needs constant maintenance. Shingles wear down over time due to excessive winds or rainstorms that can lead to leaks in your house if not repaired quickly enough with professional help from our team at Planet Roof Contracting. We will assess the damage before it leads to more significant issues.

We Know What Smart Homeowners Want

Planet Roof has teams of experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to satisfy smart, hard-working homeowners. Quality Materials, Quality Craftsmanship, and Awesome Customer Service are what homeowners want most. Let Planet Roof help you keep your home protected from the elements with the quality and care that you expect.